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Applet “Old Icelandic Calendar”

Java applet © Tim Stridmann,

Now you can see above (or must see at least) the Java applet of “Old Icelandic Calendar” written by me (JDK 1.1.8). The applet shows the days of week (in Old Icelandic), days and months by the Old Icelandic calendar, and also days and months by the Gregorian calendar.

The number of a day in a season is in the bottom line (dagr sumars — “day of summer”, dagr vetrar — “day of winter”); and also the name of high day or holiday which occures on this date.

The new moons and full moons are showed also, and the days of the solstices and equinoxes too (^adg).

We can turn over the calendar by clicks on the applet frame, left button — forewards, right button — backwards (probably, it'll be more logical to make on the contrary, eh?). Press those keys for accelerating: Ctrl (date changes on 365 days instead of 1) and/or Shift (speed up by 10 times).

Note please that the Gregorian calendar was adopted in Iceland in 1700, but the applet allows this.

Great thanks to Árni Björnsson and Þorsteinn Sæmundsson!

Program usage

1. If you want to put this applet on your page, please use HTML code given below, or something like this. Anyway, I want to see a link on my site. :)

<APPLET CODEBASE="" ARCHIVE="oical.jar" CODE="OICalendar.class" WIDTH="420" HEIGHT="32">

<FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="1">
Java applet &copy;
<A href="">Tim Stridmann</A>,
<A href=""></A>

If you want to use your own colors for the applet, insert following HTML code before tag </APPLET>:

<PARAM name=bgcolor VALUE="RRGGBB">
<PARAM name=wicolor VALUE="RRGGBB">
<PARAM name=sucolor VALUE="RRGGBB">

Here: bgcolor means background color, wicolor means foreground color for the winter months, sucolor foreground color for the summer months. Every color has format RRGGBB which is six hexadecimal digits.

You can change the dimension of the applet also, but try to preserve the proportions (420×32, 520×40 etc.).

2. You can run it as Java application. Download the file oical.jar and run by the command:

java -jar oical.jar


20 January 2003 — version 1.2 (sumarauki calculation was fixed — thanks to Peter Zilahy Ingerman; keyboard control support; a lot of new feasts and holidays; Java application mode)

3 December 2001 — version 1.1 (some holidays were added and fixed; thanks to Halldóra Traustadóttir!)

19 November — version 1.0 (high days and holidays; auto-scaling)

5 November — version 0.5 (new moon and full moon; solstices and equinoxes)

29 October — version 0.4 (the support of the “Old Style”, before 1700 A.D.)

22 October — version 0.3 (the applet colorizing was added)

15 October — version 0.2 (algorithm was revised for the so-called rímspillisár)

3 September — version 0.1, the applet was published at this site

The applet was tested with Internet Explorer 5, Internet Explorer 5.5, Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.0, and must be working correctly in all valid browsers with Java support. And it's problematic with Netscape 4.7 although…

Julian Days algorithm © by Robin M. O'Leary. Excuse me very much, Robin!

Moonphase and solstices/equinoxes formulae are from Jean Meeus's “Astronomical Algorithms” (1991)

Easter algorithm by Simon Kershaw. Thanks! :)

Copyright © Tim Stridmann